Join the 1st ever Conference in India about
Happiness at Work

November 18-19 Bangalore
Quote icon Most people think that achieving success at work will make them happy.
But the truth is that being happy at work makes you successful.
- Alexander Kjerulf

The Conference

Studies clearly show that people who love their jobs are more productive, more innovative and more successful in their careers. We also know that happy companies have lower employee turnover, higher customer satisfaction and make more money.

This is why more and more of the most famous business leaders and successful companies have made workplace happiness a top priority.

This 2-day event will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to make yourself and your organization happier and more effective.

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Themes at the event

What really makes us happy at work – no, it's not nice perks and big bonuses

Why happiness at work is the most important factor that drives business success, growth and profts

Leading with happiness – how leaders make themselves and their people happy

Secrets of the world's happiest workplaces like Google, Southwest Airlines, Zappos and many others

How to find and use your strengths at work

The main factors that make people unhappy at work and how to avoid them


Alexander Kjerulf

Author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5 and one of the world's leading experts on happiness at work
Alex will talk about the fundamentals of happiness at work, the latest theory and the best cases from some of the world’s happiest workplaces.

Mikael Kamber

Successful business leader & TV news anchor
Most companies focus mostly on fixing peoples’ weak points, but Mikael will show us that knowing and using our strengths at work is absolutely essential.

Rowan Manahan

Career expert
Rowan will reveal how you can use work happiness to significantly boost your career.

Jo Gudman Rasmussen

International HR and hiring expert
Jo will show us that hiring is fundamentally broken in most workplaces and how fix it by hiring for happiness.

Nic Marks

Founding Director, Happiness Works
Nic is one of the founding directors of Happiness Works as well as a fellow of the new economics foundation and a board member of Action for Happiness. He is best known for creating the award winning Happy Planet Index the first global measure of sustainable well-being.

Traci Fenton

CEO, WorldBlu
One of our most fundamental needs at work, is the need for autonomy and freedom. No one wants to live in a dictatorship, and yet, many people work in one. Traci will share why freedom-based and democratic workplaces are more innovative and profitable and how to set your employees free.

Tim Dorsett

Culture Ambassador, Innocent Drinks
Innocent Drinks make the world’s best smoothies and juices and are also a fun and high-energy workplace. Tim will share what he does to make sure that everyone at Innocent can work hard and go home happy every day.

Full Speaker List

Happiness @ Work Speakers
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In the heart of the garden city, Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore a Luxury 5 Star Business Hotel, puts you within reach of some of the best restaurants and attractions Bangalore has to offer.

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